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The stirrers of tomorrow are children who in many ways hold the future of this world; this is why Brewin foundation a faith based organization has been established to provide equal opportunities for the orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) mainly affected and infected by the HIV pandemic as well as their families. The organization seeks to provide a safe haven for these children by mitigating the impact of HIV/ AIDS   on them through mobilizing, scaling up and strengthening community based and community led responses to the needs of the OVCs. The organization focuses on the 3 core program area that is food security and nutrition, health, water, sanitation and shelter and economic strengthening to establish strategies at several levels to enhance the ability of households and communities to respond to the needs of OVCs.

There is a need to protect and contend for the rights of these children as there has been assurgency of the orphaned and vulnerable children over time. We therefore aim at providing top notch care, HIV prevention and treatment services, and socioeconomic sustainability.

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