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Access to quality health care 

The organization recognizes that health is holistic in nature and therefore strives to support the children under its care to maintain good health through provision of primary health services.

Pyschosocial services

The organization is fully aware of the psycho social stress of children who have been marginalized constantly go through every day in order to keep a sane mind. the organization in that end offers psycho social services tailored to the specific age groups in order maximize development of the children.

Social protection

Children are at a risk of being abused especially the marginalized groups including those that are HIV positive, total orphans and disabled children. The organization ensures that the children are placed in protective homes in which they are fully accepted and the support is geared towards the families in nurturing children.

Support the Education needs of the children 

The organization recognizes that education is an element factor in one’s life and so it supports families of marginalized children to obtain an education including enrollment into vocational schools, primary and secondary school education.

Economic empowerment

Care givers of the children are supported by the organization to ensure financial independence through economic empowerment conducted through training in income generating activities, village saving schemes and registration of the saving groups with the ministry of Gender, Labor and Development.

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